Automatic transfer roll feed system, Marks in an instant, Easy positioning

Multi-color marking, Basic heat seal.

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The Deco-Print DP2000T has three functions: stand-alone heat-seal, direct imprinting and an automatic transfer feed system.

The Deco-Print “T” is perfectly suited for direct printing of property marking, branding, coding and care label instructions. Sewing labels is no longer necessary.

In the past you would have to cut a transfer off a roll, place the transfer face down, then heat-seal, now you just load the roll on the DP2000T, set the sensor to automatically line up the transfer in the same spot each heat-seal, then place the garment on the lower platen and step on the foot pedal. It’s that simple!

Or you can utilize the direct marking function. Garments and all types of linens can be marked directly with an engraved plate and C-tape that makes clean, sharp imprints in just tenths of a second.

Thermark Dry Ink ribbons

With the Thermark Dry Ink ribbons (C-tape) marking is an easy job. The ribbons change quickly and do not leave messy ink spots on the fingers and work areas. C-tapes are available in 13 colors and variable widths.

Positioning of the garment is easy as the adjustable laser beam indicates the right spot.

An optional 94-piece type font kit is available for use.

Individual characters insert and remove easily. Simply set the type in “mirror image” from right to left. Set a “lock” at the right before the beginning line; end each line with a “lock” at the left to secure type. (Kit Part# PM-1330)

So many trimming challenges. One Solution.

Solving all your trimming challenges is now easier, and more affordable, thanks to the new DP2000T from Deco-Print. This low-cost, high-speed machine performs three distinct applications: basic heat sealing, roll transfers and direct printing. Add it all up and we think you’ll agree it’s the smart way to boost your plant’s productivity.

Data sheet

Power Supply (Volt)
Power Consumption Max (Watt)
Temperature Range (°C)
93 - 260
Timer (Sec-)
0.1 - 99.9
Dimensions H x W x D maximum (Millimeters)
559 X 533 X 686
Weight (Kg)
Sealing platen (mm)
102 X 127
Noise level , less than (Decibel)
Air pressure range (Bar)
Shipping weight (Kilogram)
Shipping dimensions H x W x D (mm)
610 X 483 X 787