Hansel Textile - Germany -The world of Interlinings

A complete interlining program for the clothing industry.Woven fusible interlinings, Weft-insert fusible interlinings, Graduated fusible interlinings, Fusible tapes, Specalities for leather, fur, under-collars, waistbands, skirts, woven and knitted, Fusibles for tailors to fuse with hand iron,weight, Hansel horse-hair chest-pieces and hair canvases

Morito (Singapore) PTE LTD -Snaps, Tapey Snappers, Jeans Buttons

MORITO products are manufactured in Japan and are approved by well know International brands GAP, WALMART, H&M, C&A, NIKE, OSHKOSH, LEVIS, GERBER, SEARS, TARGET, MOTHER CARE, WILLIAM CARTERS ETC and are used world wide.

Ring Snaps, Pearl Snaps,Ring Spring Caps, "S" Spring Caps, Eyelets, Tapey Snappers, Plastic Hooks, Jeans Buttons, Burr and Rivets

Swarovski -Crystal creations

Flat Backs Hotfix - Loose Flat Backs, with a Swarovski Hotfix glue on the back.Flat Backs No Hotfix - Loose Flat Backs. Sew-on Stones, Lochrosen, Beads & Pendants - Sew-on crystals. Buttons, Tranfers, Plastic Trimmings, Metal Trimming, Zipper, Crystal Mesh, Cupchains

Orion Trims -Orion trims all about inner strength

Orion Trims is all about Iinner strength

  • Shoulder Pads
  • Sleeve Heads
  • Chest piece for Jackets
  • Slotted Tapes

Avery Dennison (Honkong) Ltd -Fastners

Avery Dennison offers solutions to customers in a high quality, cost effective way. Wide range of product to meet customers demands in different applications and to suit all types of fastening requirement. Swift Tach, Micro Tach, Staple Attaching Machine - St 9000, Fine Fabric Fasteners, Branded Tag Fastener

MMS ( UK ) -Button attachment & security specialists

The unique MMS button wrapping system is based on combination of a button wrapping machine and Elastomeric heatsealable MMS TF thread. The button attachment is secured by wrapping the thread under tension around the shank of the button. Then fusing the wrapped thread to secure it.

MARK 6, MARK 10 & MARK 11 - Button Wrappping Machines

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